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John Of Salem MA

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1622 Various works reference John Stone has a son John in England, previous wife.
1625 Torrey says has “firstborn” having married____in England, and heads for Gloucester and Salem.
1631 has a son Nathanial in England. (This son supposedly has care of Hugh Stone of Andover’s children after the murder of their mother and execution of their father for the murder. (Abbott’s History of Andover)
1632 with wife Ellin, widow Haskell has first born child in Beverly (Savage205)
1636 A Grant of land in Salem (Salem Waste book)
1636 Fined for taking excessive wages of 3 shilling with John Sibley et al
1636 Kept a ferry North Point to Cape Ann
1637 granted 30 more acres of land in Salem also granted a “meadow” “if they continued to stay with us” (Salem Waste Book)
1639 gives up Ferry to William Dixey, father of Abigail who married John Stone, Jr.
1640 defamation suit v Thorndike
1641 Jno White and John Stone “Mr Pester ‘I was invited by Prid et uxr & Jno Stone & his wyfe & was att Ston’s hou f fro whence we weare fetched to ye Potters”(Essex Quarterly Court)
1641 History of Gloucester names of settlers mentioned: Thomas Cornish, married Mary, daughter of John Stone, Sept. 4, 1641.
1644 “John Stone…Presented…John Stone of Glouster fined for scandalizing Mr. Blinman, charging him with false interpretation of the Scriptures, etc. and for saying that there were others of his mind. Also, for telling James Smith things that tended to the reproach of the doctrine delivered by Mr. Blineman.Wit…Goodman Stone himself..Wh Cotton testified that ‘Goodman Stone came & f ate him downe in my hou f e & f d yt Blinman hadfalcelie interpreted f cripture ol f o f aying if an angell from heaven f hould preach ye same he would not beleeve it, naming two places of f cripture: Nehemiah & Ezra’…”…” Jno time for paying fine extended. (Essex Quarterly Court 11 May 1644)
1650 freed from training on account of age and infirmity (EQC 1:205)
1651 deed with Robert Stone and David Thomas buying land of Thomas Rix (Deed Book 1:16)
1652 sells land to Robert Salloes (Book 2:24)
1653 Ellin Stone listed as member of FirstChurch of Salem with sons John, Jr. and Nathaniel (EIHC 15:81)

1654 John Stone joined in full communion to the First Church. Ellen Stone was joined in 1653

1655 he or his son John is listed by Perley as a constable [age-60] see above Upham town records transcription ( 1654/5 p. 147 John Stone made constable of Cape Ann Side 1655 (this one from town records 1634-1659 transcribed by William P Upham town clerk in 1867)

1657 debtor to the town £7.7.9/attachment made when debt unpaid/promises to pay if what he's paid already is deducted (p 181 "John Stone owed the town Of 7p 7s 9d since his constableship to1657")                                                                                  

1659 owned a house from which a drunken guest was arrested/many lawsuits recorded

1662 Essex Deeds 3:60 shows sale of land to Dodge by John Stone

1666 a John Stone is one of the organisers of the Beverly First Church

1667 Jno Stone Sr. wanted to leave First Church of Salem to form a Beverly Church

1672 a John Stone opens a tavern in Beverly: John1 is 77, his son is 5O, a John Stone oversees a will.

1677 assumed deceased



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